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Surprising Answers About The Most Dangerous Dog Diseases

Posted by Amber Kingsley on

When posed with the question about what is the most dangerous disease our dogs are faced with today, one might wonder about rabies … is this still “a thing” … especially nowadays when it comes to the infection of our four-legged friends? Considering the standard vaccinations required, mandated legislation in place when it comes to licensing, adoption rules and regulations with dog parks and doggie day care centers, there is a definite downward trend when it comes to this once rampant and often fatal disease that once inflicted our pets.

But what about other harmful conditions and potential problems that are lurking out there that could be endangering our beloved pets? When we’re out walking our dog, as they stop and smell, dawdle and drag behind us, we remind them to “heel” and not dwell on these potential danger zones that could be problematic. Putting their noses into polluted “pee-pee” places and “doo-doo” danger zones is one thing, but there are other hazardous issues afoot.

The Cost of Casual Contact

The reality of casual contact can often come with some deadly consequences through toxins that can lead to kidney disease or ultimate failure, one of the leading causes of pet death. The biggest threats comes from the ingestion of antifreeze, whose main ingredient can cause irreversible damage or death in some cases to this vital organ. Be on the lookout for yellow-ish green puddles, especially during spring months when many DIY auto owners are flushing their radiators.


Pesky bites and infestation from ticks can lead to lyme disease which can also cause kidney failure if left untreated. The bacteria and diseases these parasites carry can affect our pet’s:

  • Heart and circulatory system
  • Muscles, joints and tendons
  • Skin, eyes, fur and hair
  • Lymph nodes and other autoimmune systems

To help protect your pets from possible harm from these types of potentially deadly threats, everything from cancer to distemper, check out this important infographic on “The Most Dangerous Diseases For Dogs.” Just like the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The Most Dangerous Dog Diseases

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