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Holiday Gift Ideas from

Do you have some last minute holiday shopping for a new puppy owner? Want to find something for your dog walker? Want the gift that gives back? If all else fails, treats are great, too! Here are some options for you.Puppies become even cuter once they are potty trained. If you know someone with a [...]

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​Animal Shelters Across the Country are in Need of Donations

With the holidays approaching, many animal shelters across the country stand in need. While most people know monetary donations are important, there are many surprising ways you can get involved this holiday season and share the warmth of your heart with helpless animals who are searching for their forever homes.Around this time of year, people [...]

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Fleas are looking for a nice warm place to live...

Although flea season is at its highest during the warm summer months, fleas do not always run for cover during the fall. Since fleas tend to seek warmth during the cooler months of autumn, dog owners will often find their dogs suffering from an influx of fleas even if they stayed at bay during summer. [...]

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Winter is coming - get prepared for you and your dog!

Fall is here, meaning that it is time to start preparing for winter.If you are a dog owner, this means making sure that your dog has everything that they need to make it through winter in both comfort and style: Fur is not enough to withstand freezing temperatures particularly not when it has been soaked [...]

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Let’s Bag that Pet Poop Problem

In addition to inspiring the ire of the old man down the street who screams at you and your dog to "STAY OFF MY LAWN," your pet's waste can also lead to serious environmental hazards unless you properly dispose of Fido's fecal matter when out and about on your walks.While it is easy to believe [...]

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Pet Business Industry Award Winner – Pet Waste Management

Wow, what an incredible year! Our 10 year anniversary in business, our best year in business, and our new product introduction of PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll. Just when we thought we could not have a better year, Pet Business Magazine names the new PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll as the only dog [...]

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Global Pet Expo Review

Last week, The Original PoopBags attended the Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest international pet show.As I was reflecting on the trade show, two questions that kept surfacing: 1) What makes you different than other dog poop bag brands and 2) Why are you the original dog poop bag? launched back in 2003 with our [...]

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Will You Help A Teen Save The Earth? is always stoked to lend a helping hand in saving the Earth. Our mailbox has been flooded with young people seeking donations for various causes. Our most recent request was from a young lady named Madeline, whom helped in the past. Since our last donation, Madeline and her family have relocated, but that hasn’t [...]

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How Well Do You Know Your Poop Bags?

PoopBags.comhas an array of poop bags that are guaranteed to meet all of your needs. We offer three different product suites: PoopBags Compostable and Biodegradable (The Original), PoopBags USDA Certified Biobased, and PoopBags Biodegradable (ECO-ECO). Not sure which bag best suites your needs? Below you will find a breakdown of each bag that is offered [...]

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As an industry leader in the eco-friendly pet retail market, PoopBags is called on as an industry expert. Recently The Huffington Post ran an article on PoopBags, and how we’ll be impacted by the upcoming plastic bag ban in Chicago. That same day, Fox News contacted us and conducted an interview with our [...]

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