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Doggie Dental Health – 7 Things You Should Know

Have you looked inside your dog’s mouth lately? I mean a really good look. If your dog’s breath is so bad you run from him every time he yawns, it’s probably time you did have him open up and say “ahhh.” According to veterinarians, many of their patients (as many as 80%) who are brought [...]

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Your dog and exercise. How important is it really?

There was a time when dogs worked for a living. Whether herding sheep, hunting, or providing protection, they led active, practical lives. Unfortunately, today it’s a different story and many dogs are overly pampered; leading sedentary, uninteresting lives, they lie around the house all day waiting for their owner to return from work in the [...]

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Dogs Get Separation Anxiety Too

You arrive home from work and your dog is running frantically in circles around your living room which, let’s just say is not as it was when you left. The floor lamp is lying horizontally on the floor and several cushions have had the stuffing violently pulled out of them. (You can tell it was [...]

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And Fido Came Too

Tips For Vacationing With Your PetWhen it comes to taking a family vacation and making memories that will last forever, you don’t have to leave your beloved pet behind. After all, how much fun can you have in the sun when you’ve left an integral member of the family back home? These days there are [...]

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy This Winter

I’m not a big fan of winter and neither are my dogs. Why? Well, apart from the fact that I’m essentially hibernating underneath the covers and daydreaming of Florida…their time outside is seriously reduced. Wintertime becomes strategic as we attempt to minimize outside activity and maximize indoor warmth and comfort. We’ve developed a six-point plan [...]

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What goes around, comes around!

I believe there are certain days in your life that will stand out when you’re looking back to reflect one day. I’m confident that I just experienced one of them.I own three small businesses, and I have always said that part of my philosophy in business is giving back to the communities that support that [...]

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The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

It’s a typical Christmas morning: Everyone is in their pajamas, coffee and cocoa hot and ready, with each kid ready to pounce on the mystery boxes sitting under the tree. Once the green light is given, here come the frenzied screams and flying wrapping paper and, sure enough, the next thing you see is your [...]

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Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Anyone whose family includes a member of the canine species does not need to see a study to know the answer to this question! All you have to do is pay a little too much attention to your neighbor’s dog and your pooch makes it perfectly clear in her own inimitable way that such behavior [...]

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Poopbags’ Offsets Its Carbon Pawprint

It all started with Arbor Day.PoopBags thought it would be cool to offer you tree seeds. Collectively, you, your friends, your fellow PoopBaggers, and the PoopBags Gang would all venture out on Arbor Day and plant the sprouting trees around the country. Doesn’t that sound awesome? We ambitiously and enthusiastically test planted spruce seeds in [...]

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