5 Adorable Dog Collars Perfect for Your Faithful Friend

Posted by Jessica Smith on Mar 20th 2020

5 Adorable Dog Collars Perfect for Your Faithful Friend

Whether it is to take them on a comfortable walk in the park or walk them around the neighborhood, Dog collars are an essential accessory for your favorite furry friend. Choosing the perfect collar for your dog starts from considering their age and size along with their behavior, such as whether they tend to do well in collars or tend to pull on the leash. The material and design greatly depend on these factors to make sure the collars are comfortable for them to wear.


There is so much variety when it comes to picking out dog collars today. Brands add in the style factor to every piece of utility wear that makes it adorable to look and comfortable for your pet to wear. If you want to pick out the right type without missing out on the style factor, well, here are the top five adorable dog collars you need to browse through for your canine.

1. If It Barks Dog Collar

If It Barks Dog collars are the best choice for an enthusiastic buddy who likes to jump the leash a lot. The collar is most useful while training your new dog, or if you have a large dog, you would like to keep in control. The design embeds metal rings and high-quality fabric to cater to the needs of your pet. A collar is a humane option with an anti-pulling system that ensures that it does not tighten around the necks of your skittish dog, and they can move freely.


The collar uses durable x-tough fabric that ensures you keep your dog safe while it does not cause any irritation or discomfort to them. The material and design are superior compared to several regular collars. The company offers good customer service to handle wear and tear. Also, the collar comes in a wide range of vibrant colors opening some amazing choices for you to pick from for your dearest dog. The collar is most comfortable on furry breeds, although it can be useful or other breeds also.

2. Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar

Leather collars a classy choice for your faithful friends that brings both fashion and functionality together. Perri's Padded collars are all about giving you the perfect leather Dog Collars that features an elegant design, subtle, and stylish with impeccable durability. The company utilizes high-quality leather with an exterior padded with lambskin lining that simply eases around their neck. The range comes in sharp formal colors of black and brown with several color options for the lining.

There are about five sizes available in the range, and the collar is easy to clean and maintain. The metal D rings and elegant stitching make it a lovely choice to accessorize your friends for a formal event and equally suitable to face regular wear and tear.

3. Lupine Original Dog Collar

Lupine offers answers to some of the most common problems with dog collars with their impeccable quality and unbeatable customer servicing. The company offers a lifetime guarantee that covers even accidental chewing incidents making it one of the most durable and long-lasting dog collar selections you can browse in the market today. The company creates the ideal everyday collar to pop a tag and attach a leash for your dog and also offers enough room for adjustments.


Crafted from jacquard woven nylon, the product uses strong bar-tack stitching and welded D- ring made of steel that ensures a long lifetime. The company did keep in mind that the utility factor does not have to downgrade style, and hence launched a wide range of color and pattern options to pick out for your lovely pet. The collar is available in several sizes and comes with a side release buckle for ease of use. It can withstand multiple washing and regular use, and it one of the best budget buys you could ask for.

4. Kurgo Muck Waterproof Collar

The nylon collar design imparted with PVC coating from end to end makes Kurgo Collars resistant to stains and dirt and the collar is completely waterproof. It can also put up with wear and tear from chewing and comes with a small hole for the tag ring in the leash hook. Kurgo offers the easiest collar to maintain as it does not get dirty too often and is the best choice for adventure-loving dogs who would like to swim, roll and play in the mud.

The collar is odor-free as it absorbs the bacteria and is made from durable webbing and steel buckle that doubles up as a bottle opener for your camping adventures. The collar is easy to clean and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your pet. The flashy patterns combined with the summer palate makes it a stylish accessory for your canine to carry this season.

5. Halti Premium Reflective Dog Collar

Created by Company of Animals, the dog accessories range is brimming with some interesting choices for your favorite pets. Browsing through collars you can find the Halti range that especially cares for your dog during the training period to make it easy for you to take them in walks. The range offers double ended training leads designed to offer no-pull lead to make it easy on the pets while walking.


The collar design incorporates a two-tone color scheme along with a strong webbing technique and soft neoprene lining to offer comfort and durability at the same time. The reflective 3M Scotchlite strip is a useful feature of the product as it makes the collar visible in low light and night settings. The D-ring supports name and microchip tag, and the collar is available in four different sizes. The material is easy to wash and maintain and is safe and stylish for your furry buddies.

You can explore some fancy and decorative collars for your dog for special events such as denim, braided, velvet, bow tie, graphic patterns, or even leather collars with beads and metallic designs. These collars embed a bold style into your pet's accessory closet.