​7 Best Dog Breeds for College Students

Posted by Sandra Larson on Apr 24th 2020

​7 Best Dog Breeds for College Students

When moving out for college we leave behind our loved ones, family and friends. Living by yourself our even when sharing a living space with strangers can get lonely. Sometimes a little fluffy friend is a solution to this problem. Even when being in a small apartment or dorm, there is a dog for everybody, you just need to do a little more research to find the right fit for you. Here are seven dogs for college students that won't leave you feeling disappointed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You can consider Cavalier a perfect little dog for a student. This dog breed is small in size, has an incredibly sweet personality- loving, gentle and calm. They are curious and love to explore the outside world and sniff around, but considering their small size, it does not take them long to get tired and be ready to go back inside. Cavalier is the perfect choice if you want a dog when livingin an apartment. They aren't high maintenance, but still, need a good coat brushing every other day. Cavalier will be an amazing and loving companion for anyone.

English Bulldog

It may seem a bit intimidating at first as a college student's choice of dog, but English Bulldog is a terrific dog to have around. It's a very manageable breed, they are calm, not aggressive and great with people. What makes English Bulldog a breed to consider is its activity level. On the contrary to other breeds, English Bulldog hates exercising. You definitely should make it exercise, but while being busy with college work, it won't be a problem for an English Bulldog to skip on a long walk once or twice and have a short one instead. But if your puppy still demands more attention you canget your EssayOnTime help to write a quality essay for you on time and you will have time to spend with your beloved fluffy friend.


Coming back to small dog breeds- Papillon, one of the best college dogs. You will be stunned with all the love and friendliness this puppy has to offer. When living in a small apartment or sharing a space, Papillon is a way to go. Due to their size, they don't need that much space, but it is still a very energetic dog that needs a lot of activities. Papillion has a beautiful long fur that needs constant brushing, otherwise, get your vacuum ready.


A moderately large breed, nonetheless a good option to consider is a Borzois. A lovely breed that is well-mannered and extremely intelligent, well suited if you have neighbors because of this breed's specificity is not barking. Borzois need a lot of exercises like running to keep their lean long legs strong. Generally, an affectionate breed that doesn't show signs of aggression will make a great companion for a student.


This little ball of fluff isn't the first choice among the youth, but that is simply because it's excellent qualities are often overlooked. You can not think of a better dog for a college student- small, quiet, calm. Pekingese does not require much activity as its a pretty lazy dog breed and will make a perfect lapdog to cuddle up with.


Similarly to Pekingese, Poodle gets overlooked by students. Seemingly a snobby dog breed is actually one of the best picks for a first-time dog owner. A very affectionate and extremely smart breed that loves being active but also knows how to behave while inside. Poodles have ahypoallergenic coat, which is great if you want a dog but scared of allergy triggers.

Golden Retriever

Many families' favorite dog breed Golden Retrievers may be the friendliest breed you can think of. Always happy and here to cheer you up, highly obedient making Golden Retrievers easily trainable. They are an active breed that needs being outside and a lot of love and attention from its owner as Golden Retriever is always ready to give it to them.

When choosing a breed for you to consider your lifestyle and living conditions. Some breeds need more attention and care than others, but there is always an ideal dog for every taste and living situation. Keep looking and you will find your perfect match.

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Sandra Larson is a freelance writer. She is an animal enthusiast and lately, she's been doing her research before getting a dog. She believes doing your study of dog breeds will help you find your perfect companion for life.