A pet chihuahua is being hailed “little hero” after it died defending it's owner from burglars.

A pet Chihuahua is being hailed “little hero” after it died while attempting to save its owner from alleged kidnappers.

In a Facebook post-Saturday, Bach and Friends, an animal rescue page, wrote the chihuahua defended its owner from kidnappers by continuously barking at them. The victim's dog was severely injured after kidnappers kicked it several times and eventually succumbed to injuries.

“They tried to kidnap her, and her little chihuahua defended her by barking with all his strength, although his little body didn’t withstand the kicks that the kidnapper gave him. His bravery and heroism managed to save his owner. Rest in peace little hero!! ” the post read.

The post was accompanied by a photo (included at the top of the article.) of the owner with the dog. The animal is seen with the owner in what appears to be their last moments together, believed to be in its last moments, is seen laying on a tiny little dog bed. At over 25,000 shares with several people admiring the canine for its bravery, and valor.

“love and peace. Thank you for your heroic deed. So very sad that those cruel people did this to you,” a user wrote. “You are such a hero, loyal and showed how much you love your owner! Rest In Peace! ” wrote another.

Another user wrote, “I hope he rests well, he’s such a hero and his bravery will always be remembered.”

The incident comes days after a pet dog was murdered after being shot by a group of gunmen while trying to protect its family. The dog’s owner said his sister’s boyfriend drove up to the gate when the criminals approached him with guns. The dog instantly leaped and engaged the three thugs.

“The dog was inside the yard and went for one of the men. I was watching a movie inside and heard the gunshot. I heard my girlfriend and sister screaming and thought they had shot her boyfriend because I saw blood around the house. When we went outside, I saw my dog was bleeding. He was still standing and running around,” the dog’s owner said. The dog was rushed to an animal hospital for treatment.

We cannot locate the owner or any other information at this time but will keep this blog updated for more information.

As a company we would like to take the time to honor this hero. This dogs story brings true meaning to the phrase "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." May this beautiful soul rest in peace.