​Animal Shelters Across the Country are in Need of Donations

With the holidays approaching, many animal shelters across the country stand in need. While most people know monetary donations are important, there are many surprising ways you can get involved this holiday season and share the warmth of your heart with helpless animals who are searching for their forever homes.

Around this time of year, people often look towards giving to worthy causes, even if they are simply looking for a tax deduction. When considering the causes to donate to this year, please don't forget the helpless dogs and cats who are stuck in shelters. If you cannot find room in your home for one of these precious animals, you can make a big difference with items you may have around your home.

A list of surprising items you can donate to animal shelters:

- New or gently used toys, food dishes, and grooming tools

- Cleaning supplies such as ecofriendly cleaners, paper towels, and poop bags

- Hand sanitizer

- Dog and cat food and treats

- Litter

- Bedding and blankets

- Leashes and collars

- Newspapers

- Old towels

- Office supplies

Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays get you, stop and think of the items you may be able to donate to the dog and cat shelters that so badly need them. If you do not have items or money to donate, you can always donate your time.