Daily Care For Dogs

Oct 21st 2019

Daily Care For Dogs

It's essential to understand how to take care of dogs before introducing a dog into your household. You need to take care of their physical and emotional needs. This implies offering nutritious meals, clean drinking water, shelter, and a secure home. It also means making sure the dog is pleased by giving his mind sufficient time to perform, plenty of exercises, and stimulation.

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Feed Your Dog Quality Meals

Make sure you read the labels of the dog food to know the content you are feeding your pet. Some ingredients should be some sort of meat, not meat byproduct or grain. This will assist you in understanding that healthy protein is present in the food, not just filler. Ask for food recommendations from your vet. Your veterinarian will be prepared to guide you to a diet that's correct for your pup, and will also have suggestions on how much to feed the dog.

For adult dogs, dry food of premium quality offers a well-balanced diet, and can be blended with water, broth, or canned foods. Dogs may appreciate cottage cheese, cooked eggs, or fruit and vegetables, but these components should not add up to more than 10% of its regular food consumption.

  • Puppies between the ages of eight to twelve weeks need four meals a day.
  • Three meals a day is best for puppies that are three to six months old.
  • Puppies of six months to one year should be fed two meals a day.
  • Usually, one meal a day is proper when your dog reaches his first birthday.
  • It's better to feed two smaller meals for some dogs, including larger canines or those susceptible to bloating.

Avoid Giving Your Dog Too Many Treats

Stop giving excessive quantities of treats or human food to your dog, because this can contribute to your pet's weight gain or health issues. Stay true to the rule of only providing treats to your dog when you train it. If your pup is looking at you with puppy dog eyes, this can be difficult to follow, but stick to your guns! Several products can be harmful to your dog Do not offer your dog any non-caloric sweetener of chocolate, avocado, bread dough, raisins, grapes, garlic, or xylitol.

Keep Your Dog Fit by Exercising

To burn calories, stimulate their minds, and remain healthy, your dogs need exercise. A dog’s demands for exercise differ according to breed or breed combination, gender, age, and health status. Exercise also tends to assist dogs in preventing boredom, which can contribute to destructive behavior. Many of your pet's instinctual drives to dig, herd, chew, retrieve and chase will be satisfied with supervised fun and games. Check out our recent blog post to learn more exercise benefits for you and your pooch!

Provide Water for Your Dog

Food is not the only thing your dog needs to survive. Water is just as essential, if not more. Give your dog access to water at all times. Just like humans, dogs need a supply of clean water to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Grooming Your Dog

Keep your dog clean with regular brushing can increase shedding. During warm climates, check for fleas and ticks every day. Dogs only need to be bathed a few times a year, but you can comb or cut all the mats out of the coat before bathing. When you bathe your dog, rinse all the soap carefully out of the coat, or the dirt sticks to the residue of the soap. The skin of your dog is an indicator of its general wellness, so keeping it in prime shape is essential. Your dog may react with unnecessary scratching, chewing, or bleeding when a skin issue happens. Brushing your dog's teeth regularly, along with a healthy diet and lots of chew toys can go a long way to prevent bad breath and dental issues. Providing periodic home eye exams to your pup will help keep you alert to any tearing, cloudiness, or inflammation that may show a health issue.

Get Rid of Fleas

Dogs are prone to attract fleas once in awhile. It is important to check the fur regularly to know if your four-legged best friend is infested with fleas. Flea combs help pick out fleas flea dirt. Unfortunately, a flea comb and regular bathing cannot remove fleas from an already infested home. It is essential to call a local company that offers top services for getting rid of pests.

Take Your Dog to a Vet

An excellent way to choose a vet is to see if it responds quickly and knowledgeably to your issues and see how they interact with your dog. You will need to take your dog to periodic check-ups, so you might want to search for a new one if your vet is often too booked.

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