​Do the Seasons Affect Your Dog’s Mood?

To cut a long story short, yes, the seasons of the year do affect your dog’s mood, and as a dog owner, this is something you’ve probably noticed. Regardless of whether you have a new puppy or a best friend who’s been in the family for years, you’ve perhaps noticed the slight differences that occur throughout the year.

In this sense, dogs are very much like humans since the different pressures of the weather, the different types of weather, and, of course, the temperature, all affect. As a responsible owner, this is something you need to know to ensure your dog is happy all year round.

How Dogs Act in Hot Weather

“It’s important you’re mindful of how your dog acts in warm conditions as this tends to be when the most problems occur. If your dog has a lot of hair or fur or is quite energetic by nature, you may find during the hotter months your dog begins to slow down and can become exhausted rather quickly” explains Taylor Gathercole, a pet writer at Assignment Writer and Paper Fellows.

This is why it’s important to make sure you’re being aware of what’s going on while ensuring your dog gets enough time in the shade and remains hydrated throughout the day. Of course, there are breeds that are more susceptible to the heat, such as pugs and bulldogs, so you’ll need to take extra special care here.

How Dogs Act in Cold Weather

On the other hand, when it gets to the colder months, it’s important to make sure your dog stays nice and warm and doesn’t contract any winter-related diseases. Of course, larger dogs with big fluffy coats are going to be a lot warmer when outside than short-haired breeds, so you may want to think about apparel that can keep your dog warm.

“Don’t be surprised if your dog seems more tired and sleeps more during the winter; this is completely normal. This is just the nature of dogs since there tends to be less daylight during these months. Thus, their bodies and minds tell them to go to sleep” explains Leona Harris, a lifestyle blogger at Custom Essay and State Of Writing.

I mean, it’s not just humans that are all about the winter naps!

Moods Affected

No matter what weather conditions are happening outside and no matter what time of year it is, the mood of your dog is going to be affected. If it’s summer storm season, and prime time for lighting storms and thunder, your dog is probably going to get scared, which means you’re going to want to put extra special effort into making sure they’re comfortable and okay.

When you notice your dog isn’t feeling themselves, make sure you’re ensuring all food and water is provided for them, and you’re spending time with them to get them through the rough patch, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

After all, your dog has definitely been there for you when you’re feeling down to make you feel better, so make sure you’re returning the favour!

Beatrix Potter is a lifestyle and pet writer at the Assignment help Australia and Do my homework service. She loves helping families introduce pets to their lives in the best way for everyone involved. Also, she is a writer at History Essay Help.