Global Pet Expo Review

Jun 17th 2015

Global Pet Expo Review

Last week, The Original PoopBags attended the Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest international pet show.

As I was reflecting on the trade show, two questions that kept surfacing: 1) What makes you different than other dog poop bag brands and 2) Why are you the original dog poop bag? launched back in 2003 with our compostable dog poop bag. Over ten years later, this dog poop bag has built a cult following of users that won’t accept any other brand. We’re quite proud of that! Last year, we introduced our PoopBags ECO-ECO (eco-friendly and economical) dog waste bags. These dog poop bags won an Industry Recognition Award from the prestigious trade journal Pet Business Magazine, the only pet waste bag manufacturer to win the award. In 2014, we introduced the first USDA Certified Biobased dog waste bag and poop bag dispenser in the pet retail market. These dog poop bags are certified to be made with at least 38% harvestable and renewable resources – yes, the actual dog poop bag dispenser is made with corn too!

What makes us different? A ten year track record of producing certified eco-friendly dog waste bags, the only award-winning brand of dog waste bag in the marketplace and the first USDA Certified Biobased products in the category separate us. Why are you “the original dog poop bag?” Our URL is and our company name is, Inc. If anyone else was before us, they would own that URL. There are lots of “facial tissue paper” companies out there, but there is only one Kleenex. We feel the same way about poop bags and PoopBags.

When consumers, retailers and leading pet industry magazines are looking for quality, innovation and leadership in the pet waste category, they turn to the one that started it all, The Original PoopBags.