How to Calm Your Dog When it Whines

Posted by Sarah Rodgers on Mar 19th 2020

How to Calm Your Dog When it Whines

Before we determine how to help your dog to stop whining, we have to first know why a dog whines and what its purpose is. Most dogs whine because of wanting attention, being excited, being scared, or having anxiety. Here are a few tips to get your dog to stop whining and become a loving pet for your family.

Like humans, dogs love the attention of their family members and love to be seen and accepted. If they don't feel loved or appreciated, they can get whiny. Which makes us wonder if getting a dog was a good idea. But, luckily for us, there is hope. Getting your dog to stop whining is easier than you thought, at least once you determine why they are crying. But we will go over that in the next paragraph.

Why is my dog whining?

Every dog is different and carries a different set of emotions, so assuming that they are all the same and have the same whining problems is way out of proportion. So let's first go over some questions and find out the answer to your specific dog to make this easier.

Is your dog eating the right amount of food?

Every dog has a specific serving amount of food they should be eating based on height, weight, and specific breed. Find out how much your dog should be eating and try to stick to that portion daily. If your dog starts losing weight, they will either need larger portions, or there could be a severe medical emergency. Check with the vet to see if there is anything wrong, that could be why your dog has been whining. If your dog doesn't receive enough food, it might be whining because of hunger. Likewise, if your dog receives too much food, it might be whining because it feels bloated.

Luckily for you, there is a tool we can use to find out how much your dog should be eating.

How active is your dog?

Older dogs tend to be less active and like to spend their free time lying around the home. But for younger dogs or puppies, they tend to be very active and energetic. Keeping your dog stuck in the house without much active time can be stressful and hard on your dog. This is one of the leading causes for whining. Make sure to play with your dog and give them some active playing time. You will also want to give your dog at least one walk throughout the day.

When did you adopt your dog?

It is very typical for the first two weeks of owning a dog for it to still be getting used to your home. It is also very common for your dog to whine the first couple of nights, especially if they have never been trained before. This will usually occur throughout the night time but might happen throughout the day as well. The reason your dog whines in this situation is because it is very uncomfortable in its new environment, which can cause fear and anxiety. You can help your dog by keeping its cage near your bed at night and letting it know you are there. During these first two weeks always make sure to add extra one on one time with your dog to show them that you care. This helps them feel close to you and be more comfortable in the new environment.

Have you been feeling sick?

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and can often tell when there is something different in the atmosphere. They have even been known to sense cancers and other sicknesses in the body. If your dog doesn't seem as energetic and likes to stay by your side more than usual or doesn't enjoy going on walks anymore, you may want to see a doctor.

Do you leave your dog alone when you are at work?

Dogs don't usually like to be left alone in a closed environment for long periods and typically prefer company during the day. You might be able to fix this by adding a new furry pet into your home or even a doggy camera that lets your dog see you at work, with small interactions as well.

These are the most common things that cause dogs to whine or bark. If none of these options fit your dog, you may need to take your dog to a vet to see if there are any illnesses or problems that could be uncomfortable for your dog. If that doesn't work, you can always try training your dog as this usually helps whining to stop.

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