​How To Help Your Dog Be Comfortable In The Rain

Posted by Mildred Delgado on May 1st 2020

​How To Help Your Dog Be Comfortable In The Rain

Many dogs dislike going outside in the rain. The sensation of being soaking wet is not a pleasant one and for many dogs, this can become a source of anxiety, particularly when it concerns going to the bathroom. Rain-filled days can cause disruption to a dog’s life. Yet staying indoors during wet weather isn’t always an option. Luckily, there are some simple strategies you can use to help to train your dog to be comfortable with wet weather.

Understanding Why Your Dog May Dislike Wet Weather

There may be several reasons why your dog has trouble going potty in wet weather. Dogs can pick up on human emotions, our moods, and our reactions, including if you dislike being outdoors in the wet. If your dog has previously had a negative experience whilst out in the rain, then there is a possibility that he may begin to create negative associations between wet weather and negative experiences. Similarly, if you regularly get frustrated with your dog when he won’t potty in the rain, this can make your dog become more nervous and anxious and you may, in fact, worsen the problem.

Introduce Water Into Your Dog’s Play

In the first instance, you need to try to familiarize your dog with being wet. Many dogs only experience the sensation when they have a bath and spend the majority of their puppyhood being relatively dry. As such, getting your dog used to rain early on is important.

Aim to introduce water to your dog during playtimes, so that he begins to associate the sensation of being wet with positive experiences. For example, you can use a hose, sprinkler, or kiddie pool in your dog’s play. Make the activity fun and exciting, but don’t force them to join in if they don’t want to.

“A useful strategy is to encourage your dog to walk on wet grass,” says Robert Hohman, a pet blogger at Write My X and NextCoursework. “You can either do this after it has been raining or by wetting your lawn with a hose. Play some of your dog’s favorite games on the wet grass and allow them to spend time enjoying themselves in the wet. You can also feed your dog on wet grass as a way to further encourage positive associations with wet weather.”

Go Outdoors With Your Dog

Your dog is far more likely to feel more comfortable and at ease about going to the bathroom if you join them out in the rain. Instead of simply expecting your dog to go out into the rain on their own, invest in a raincoat and an umbrella and join them outdoors.

“You can try to use the umbrella to shelter your dog from the rain as you go for a quick walk. Alternatively, some dogs prefer to wear doggy booties or raincoats when out in the rain. Just be mindful that this can have the adverse effect of your dog refusing to go outdoors in the wet without these items in future,” says Michelle Rodriguez, a lifestyle writer at Australia2Write and Britstudent.

Go For A Walk

Taking your dog for a walk can help to induce the sensation of needing to go to the bathroom. It can be helpful to try to find a more covered area to encourage your dog to potty, such as a tree with thick foliage. Over time, he will become more accustomed to going in the rain and you may find that you can get the same result from increasingly shorter walks.

Dry Your Dog As Soon As You Return

For some dogs, the issue lies with the feeling of being wet and uncomfortable. You can help your dog to become more comfortable by drying them as soon as you can once you are back inside. One strategy is to keep a towel near the door. This way, when your dog comes back inside you can quickly pat them dry.

Above all, you need to ensure that you are patient and supportive when training your dog to become comfortable with wet weather. Remember to offer your dog plenty of praise and positive reinforcement along the way. Soon, he will learn that rain is harmless and nothing to worry about.

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