How Well Do You Know Your Poop Bags?

PoopBags.comhas an array of poop bags that are guaranteed to meet all of your needs. We offer three different product suites: PoopBags Compostable and Biodegradable (The Original), PoopBags USDA Certified Biobased, and PoopBags Biodegradable (ECO-ECO). Not sure which bag best suites your needs? Below you will find a breakdown of each bag that is offered on

The Breakdown

originalpb114_5x5_rePoopBags Compostable and Biodegradable: This made in the USA dog poop bag is what started it all! It’s thick, durable and puncture resistant yet silky smooth. Also, available through various online retailers.

pbroll29_5x5_cropPoopBags Compostable and Biodegradable Rolls: This silky smooth, made in the USA, dog poop bag easily fits into leash attachment dispensers.

3pk_4_5x5PoopBags USDA Certified Biobased Rolls: has the first dog poop bags to be certified by the Department of Agriculture as a biobased product. This means that the bags contain a minimum of 38% renewable resources. If you like PoopBags The Original, you will love these bags as they have the same silky smooth texture that you know and love. Also available through various online retailers.

20140409_genericroll_7x7grayPoopBags Biodegradable Rolls: This dog poop bag contains 30% post-consumer materials. It is blended with a proprietary additive that allows it to disappear into the Earth naturally and earn three national certifications for biodegradability.

This is the largest poop bag we offer (10x13) and it's great for kitty litter too!

PoopBags Biodegradable Jumbo: This made in the USA dog poop bag is simply huge, measuring at 10” x 13”. Containing both post-consumer and post-industrial materials, this dog poop bag is blended with a proprietary additive that allows it to disappear into the Earth naturally and earn four national certifications for biodegradability.

3 roll pack and hydrantPoopBags USDA Start Up Special: Just want to try out the USDA Certified Biobased products? Then this Start Up Special is just right for you, containing 135 bags and hydrant dispenser made from renewable resources.

hydrant_7x7whitebkgd_20140206The Original PoopBags Dispenser: Also certified by the USDA as a biobased product, this pre-loaded hydrant shaped leash attachment is made with corn and other renewable resources.

dispenserbon_7x7gray_20140407PoopBags Bone Dispenser: This PoopBags branded dispenser with carabiner clip attaches effortlessly to leashes and collars to make clean up easy.

I'm made from up-cycled seat belts and hold flat or rolled bags.

BAR3K: The BAR3K dog poop bag holder is made from used seat belts! With its chic design and lustrous exterior, the BAR3K dog poop bag holder has Velcro straps to attach to any leash, and can carry loosely packed bags or bags on a roll. On sale now