​Most Popular Puppy Names of 2019

Posted by John Woods on May 16th 2019

​Most Popular Puppy Names of 2019

If you’re bringing an adorable little puppy home in 2019, the likelihood is you’ll be looking for an equally adorable name to match. This roundup of the most popular puppy names will list both male and females favorites, as well as sharing guidelines on how to choose the best name for your puppy.

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How to Choose the Perfect Puppy Name

David Woods from My Pet’s Name says “it’s important to take a few days to get to know him and his personality so you can choose a name which is fitting.”

When you first bring your new dog home, you and your family will probably all have different ideas about what you’ll want to name your pup, but take your time!

Here are a few different ways which you can think of a creative name for your new puppy.

Take Inspiration From His or Her Appearance

Many people choose to name their dog after their color, or a unique mark on their body. For example, a pup with a black body and white feet might be called Socks, or a dog with a star shaped mark on his chest could be known as Star. You could go one step further, and turn one of the words which you’ve taken from his appearance, into another language. If you have a red dog, you could call him Rouge, which is French for red.

Take Inspiration From His or Her Personality

When you’ve spent time getting to know your new dog, you’ll know whether he is bouncy and lively, or whether he prefers to take a back seat and is more quiet and shy. Perhaps he has a really funny personality and is always looking for ways to make you laugh. Whatever his personality type, there will be a name to suit him. If he’s funny you can call him Pumba, like the funny sidekick from The Lion King.

Name Him or Her After Something You Love

You’re sure to fall in love with your new furry bundle, so why not name him after something else which you love and bond two of your favorite things together forever? Perhaps it’s a movie, another person, or an activity? Or perhaps you could be really clever and take something you love, and base his name on that. For example, if you love football, you could name him after your favorite player.

Most Popular Female Names

If you’re looking for a name for your feisty female, why not draw some inspiration from this list of popular names? Here are our favorite top ten:

1. Bella – referring to the French word belle which means beautiful

2. Daisy – named after a flower

3. Molly – from Irish origin, meaning star of the sea

4. Pearl – is your puppy as precious as a pearl?

5. Lilly – a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty

6. Ruby – perfect for a dog with a red coat.

7. Sasha – from Russian origin meaning defender of mankind

8. Honey – is your little puppy as sweet as can be?

9. Lady – meaning female head of the household

10. Missy – of Greek origin, meaning bee

Most Popular Male Names

If you want a strong masculine name for your male pup, here are ten of the most popular choices of 2019. These names are good, solid and timeless options for your dog.

1. Charlie – from the old English word ceorl meaning man

2. Max – a Latin name meaning greatest

3. Lucky – will your puppy be the lucky one to end up in your home?

4. Sam – a Hebrew name meaning god

5. Buddy – a perfect name for your four-legged friend

6. Bruno – derived from the old German word brun meaning brown

7. Bear – perfect for a large breed gentle giant dog

8. Milo – thought to have derived from the German world mild meaning peaceful and calm

9. Cooper – meaning supplanter, or to fill the place of another

10. Chase – perfect for your hunting dog who loves to chase

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