Out For Sustainability

Posted by Paul D. Cannella on Jul 8th 2019

Out For Sustainability

Recently we came across a really cool group on Facebook, called OUT For Sustainability.  After clicking to learn more, we discovered what a passionate group with an awesome cause.

Taken from their Facebook account:  OUT for Sustainability mobilizes the LGBTQ community for environmental and social action, in pursuit of a fabulous planet. Intersectionality is key to their philosophy and perspective on sustainability, where the facets of who we are are viewed as an interconnected paradigm of identity, society, and environment (Our logo is a reflection of this philosophy).

To say the least, this organization are passionate, creative thinkers on an eco-friendly mission.  We can relate!

Check out some of these pics from their events and feel free to give them a pat on the back!  No matter if you're an LGBTQ, a supporter, or just love the environment, support for the Earth that we all share is always appreciated.

Haters?  We ain't got time for 'dat!