The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Jun 17th 2015

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

It’s a typical Christmas morning: Everyone is in their pajamas, coffee and cocoa hot and ready, with each kid ready to pounce on the mystery boxes sitting under the tree. Once the green light is given, here come the frenzied screams and flying wrapping paper and, sure enough, the next thing you see is your dog lunging at each wad of crumpled paper ready to ingest a decorative paper ball! “Hey, get back, Sparky!! Gimmie that!!”

Pups love to get in on the Christmas morning action, and the best way to avoid picking up nearly microscopic pieces of paper all over your house is to give your pup a few of their own presents to chew on. Here are 8 gifts for dogs this holiday season, from the cute and fun to the practical:

1. Turkey Leg Rawhide Bone – Give your pup hours of flavorful fun as he chews on something that looks like he snatched from your dinner table! With flavors like turkey and sweet potato, your pup will feel like they are eating the main course right there with you. Plus, you get the added laughter bonus of causing your guests a few double-takes!

2. Home Grooming Kit – This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. There are many inexpensive sets out there, and you can also simply by the shaver itself. Here’s the kicker though: Make sure that whoever you give it to has the time and space to use it! Pet grooming is indeed hard work (which explains why there are so many grooming businesses out there) but if one is up for the challenge, they could save anywhere from $100-$500 a year or more!

3. Nite Ize MeteorLight Led Dog Ball – With winter days getting shorter, sunlight becomes a bit scarce to enjoy, especially for those who work long days. This light-up battery-powered ball is great to toss around in the early mornings or dark evenings, giving your dog some much needed exercise.

4. GPS Collar Tracker – Although probably the most expensive out of all the gifts for dogs on this list, it is an invaluable product. A lost pet can be a major heartbreaker for a family, and buying one of these can ensure that your retriever is retrieved from wherever he ran off to. This is also a great gift for someone who has a hunting dog.

5. Holiday Squeaker Mat – Come on…who doesn’t love to constantly hear squeak noises every time your pup goes to lie down! Drs. Foster and Smith have a few Christmas inspired mats that boast 16 squeakers – the more the merrier! The squeaking sound can be soothing for your dog, but if the surround sound is too much for you to bear, make sure you buy the holiday version so you can promptly pack it up with the rest of the Christmas decorations!

6. Interactive Treat/Food Toy – Rubik’s Cubes for dogs! These handy products are about as close to “the hunt” that most dogs will get. There are plenty of products to choose from like the Mazee 3D Ball Puzzle, the Everlasting Treat Ball, the Nina Ottoson Wooden Dog Puzzle, or the Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl. Your pup will not only be challenged to think outside of the crate, but he will also get some good exercise in during those frosty winter months. Double whammy!

7. Gingerbread Dog Costume – This costume is the ultimate in awesomeness! Bring the gingerbread man to life by adding your pooch’s face to the walking confection. This gift is sure to provide laughs for the whole family and a bunch of “likes” on your favorite social media account!

8. Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog: A Holistic Guide for Healthier Dogs - Boasting a review record of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this book is a very helpful and practical way of caring for your dog naturally, the way it should be. From facts about commercial dog food to holistic strategies for preventing and managing your pooch’s health, this book is a great, comprehensive way to care for your dog in more ways other than love and companionship.

These Christmas gifts for dogs are certain to put the “wow” in Fido’s “bow wow” this Holiday Season. Enjoy your shopping, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!