Will You Help A Teen Save The Earth?

Jun 17th 2015

Will You Help A Teen Save The Earth?

PoopBags.com is always stoked to lend a helping hand in saving the Earth. Our mailbox has been flooded with young people seeking donations for various causes. Our most recent request was from a young lady named Madeline, whom helped in the past. Since our last donation, Madeline and her family have relocated, but that hasn’t stopped her desire to make a difference.

Meet Madeline, a 17 year old, who is donating to Kibblez of Love Pet Food Bank. Her desire to help is limitless. We asked Madeline to be the focus of our Earth Day newsletter and blog to which she graciously accepted.

Why is saving the Earth/giving back important to you?

Giving back is an essential duty that all people should practice. If we don’t, who will? To be so fortunate to live every day and breathe the oxygen we breathe, it is only plausible to contribute to society positively, in order help those who are helpless; those who are voiceless, in this case, animals.

Why do you think teaming up with PoopBags.com would be a good fit for your cause?

Every animal does it, whether we like to speak about or not. Truth be told, we all do! So it’s only fitting to donate poop bags, a necessary pet supply that unfortunately, many families cannot afford to purchase, or do not consider a requirement. With a donation from PoopBags.com, everybody, in spite of their financial obstacles, can do right by our environment.

How do you hope your efforts will affect others?

I find it a tragedy that pets are given up due to monetary setbacks. The solution is keeping pets in their homes, therefore preventing the possibility of families being forced to give them up. In the end, all I desire is to make a difference, even if it’s just for one family, with one dog. I cannot imagine the horror of a family that sees no other option other than to pass their own pet off to a shelter. With this, it is only logical to for me to go directly to the source of the problem, and do what I can to help. I can’t sit here and watch and not do anything about it. That’s just the person I am.

What cause/organization are you donating to?

My donation request is for Kibblez of Love Pet Food Bank located in South Florida. Their mission is to keep pets at home with their loving families, out of shelters and off the streets. They help participants whose animals are spayed and neutered for 6 months and offers low cost vaccinations.

PoopBags.com will donate 2,000 poop bags and would love for you to add to our efforts. 5% of every order placed on Earth Day, April 22nd will be used to purchase additional bags for Kibblez of Love Pet Food Bank. Not in need of poop bags, but still want to help? Click here, your $5 donation will purchase 100 poop bags to be donated to Kibblez of Love on behalf Madeline.