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It's that time of year when we run our #BrokenBoxSpecial

As you know, we started this years ago to help clear out old packaging, broken and torn boxes, etc.  To be honest, we kind of did this as a joke to see if we could clear these out and recoup a little cash.  Little did we know we'd be doing it over fifteen years later!

Remember, all of the poop bags and dispensers are still usable, so if you're okay with a torn, slightly dirty, or dinged box, we'll load y'all up.  Other products are brand new and discontinued, or we want you to sample them.

Please note we always send tis to our newsletters subscribers first!  If there is leftover inventory, we'll post this on social media for the general public.  As our valued customer, you are getting a heads up to pre-order before these might sell out.


WARNING:  Please only buy what you'll use within one year from purchase.  ESPECIALLY for our compostable products (use those first)!  We know how tempting it is to "load up" during these sales, but our products are designed to decompose and break down over time. 


Your “Broken Box Special” guarantees the following:

  • $70 value minimum retail value
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • The Original Poop Bags® Made in USA
  • The Original Poop Bags® leash dispenser

Reviews (7)

Lisa Vu Apr 11th 2018

Didn't need the jumbo bags

What I got in my bundle: 360 orange-scented 9x13" bags, 1 dispenser with a roll in there, 240 unscented 9x13" bags, 100 jumbo bags, 65 original bags. Everything was in good, usable condition. I'm mostly satisfied, but a complaint is that the bundle came with jumbo bags, which are too big for my medium-sized dog. As someone who cares about the environment, I don't want to use a bigger bag than what's needed. I wish there was a way for customers to indicate the size of bags needed in this broken box special. POOPBAGS: Thanks for the message Lisa and we can appreciate your comments and concerns. The Broken Box specials are packed on the fly as we bring over what is available at that time. It changes as we're packing the orders, so we just make sure the value exceeds what is promised. It's best to just order specific items vs the randomness of the broken box special to avoid any products you don't want. Thank you and I'm sure a shelter would love them!

sephaj Apr 9th 2018

Good deal but...

I really can't stand that 'orange' scent, so I probably should not have gotten this (my bad)

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