Custom Poop Bags

Are you considering buying custom, private label or private brand poop bags?  Have you looked on Alibaba and other sites, wondering if you'll ever see that money again?

The Original PoopBags is factory direct and you'll communicate via our US based warehouse.  We can handle large orders for any style bags (rolls, handle-tie, bulk rolls, wicket, and more) and deliver them anywhere in the world.  We can produce from a variety of materials including plants, USDA Certified biobased, oxo-biodegradable and PE/plastic.

For large scale projects, we can quote by containers.  For programs with an annual commitment, we can stock inventory for you and ship from our Atlanta warehouse.

Minimum order quantities will depend on the bag style and material.  As a rough estimate, assume 3 to 5 pallets or 200 to 300 cases per SKU as a guideline. Those are rough estimates, but if you’re looking to print a few cases for your store, local event, etc. that’s not a project for our private label poop bags group.

If you can’t commit to those levels, consider buying The Original PoopBags in bulk and we’ll offer you a discount.  We’ve had folks resell our poop bags for fundraisers (shelters, churches, Boy Scouts, building a park, and more).  Some folks add their own sticker on the box and sell them at street festivals, flea markets, include them with products they’re selling (dog cookies, welcome baskets, etc) and many other ideas.

If you would like to inquire about custom printing poop bags, please complete the following form.  

Your Name

Company or Organization


Bag style (flat, small rolls, wicket, large rolls, other)

What your expected annual volume will be, timeline, and any other questions you may have.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.