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The Original PoopBags™ POOP BAGS RECYCLED 9x13 Pet Waste Bags are made of Recycled Content and at 15 Poopbags per roll, they fit most leash attachment dispensers

  • PERFORATED FOR EASY TEARING, these Poopbags are large- 9x13, thick, and leak proof holding water for over 7 days with no issues.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS- TDPA Technology from Environmental Product Inc. Nationally ASTM Certified- Our bags are OXO Biodegradable
  • YOUR BELOVED PET CAN RUN AND PLAY and you can breathe easy that you have plenty of Poop Bags to spare using our environmentally friendly products!
  • MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIAL- exclusive to The Original Poop Bags, Saving the Earth Since 2003


120 count Pet Business Magazine award winning dog waste bags 8 roll pack (Unscented).

Made with Recycled (R) materials


Price: MSRP $ 39.99 for 8 boxes of 120 bags of 8 rolls per box. SALE $29.99

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