The Original Poop Bags® Mystery Box

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You are going to love The Original Poop Bags® Mystery Box!


The Mystery Box is a giant-sized box that will contain a variety of products we sell at The Original Poop Bags®, or other brands we manufacture.


The Mystery Box itself is structured like our SuperBox™, with a gravity fed dispenser or easy access opening from the very top of the box.  It will be loaded with leash-style rolls.


Since every box is a mystery, we can't say how many bags are in each one, or which brands that we manufacture are included, but we are 100% sure you'll be satisfied with value received. It will packed to the top with poop bags!


Includes FREE shipping!












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    Quality ain't a Mystery here!

    Posted by Marlene Marko on Jan 26th 2021

    First: I use these poop bags to clean my two cat litter boxes (I've no dogs ... yet). And I ALSO use them in my kitchen for disposal of odds and ends. See, I have two cans that I used to line with plastic bags, now I use PoopBags. Easier, cleaner. Then I bought this Mystery Box on the off-chance that I'll be getting Something for my money, and, oh boy, didn't I get lucky! I bought this in April 2018 and didn't start using it until sometime in early 2019. I JUST bought a replacement in Dec. 2020, but I'm Still using my Apr 2018 stock for 2 litterboxes and 2 kitchen disposals! Hot diggity dog! Definitely worth the money.

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    Great deal

    Posted by GB on Nov 9th 2020

    This is a great deal on high quality bags! FYI shipping isn't free as stated - it's $5, but still a great deal. UPDATE: The button for free shipping must of been clicked off. There is a $5 credit in GB's shopping cart!