Guest Post -

Interested in contributing to The Original Poop Bags® and Catfidence?

We're always on the lookout for people with the same passion for dogs, cats and pets. If you have excellent writing skills and creative ideas, please go ahead and contact us. We'd be happy to work with you for articles on pet content.  We will consider posting articles on non-competing pet products, IF WE HAVE TESTED THEM and they become #mrpoopbagsapproved which means they are high quality, support a good cause, lean towards eco-friendly, and more.


- The content must be written in English

- The article must be ready for submission.  If more than two spelling or other errors are found, we’ll stop reviewing it any further and notify you for a chance to resubmit.

- It must be 100% original and not posted elsewhere. Our team uses Grammarly tool to check for plagiarism and quality of content.

- The article must be at least 1000 words long. The longer, the better.

- Includes at least two images that you are authorized to use.

- The article must be formatted properly with no text block. We highly suggest the use of short paragraphs, lists, bullet points, etc.

- Any article submitted can be edited by us (links will not be altered). The Original Poop Bags® has the right to decline any article.

What topics do we accept?

- Anything about dogs, cats, pets, or environmental issues. Check our complete list of articles and make sure you do not write about topics that are already existing.  If the article or topic exists, please explain your plan on how to present an alternative perspective.

How to Submit:

1. Email us at james@poopbags.com and paul@poopbags.com 
2. Email title: Guest Blog Post.
3. Send a copy of the article in Microsoft Word format.
4. Give us a few days to review your article. You will be notified once approved, or feel free to check back after 3 days.