You Buy; We Donate® Jane Goodall Institute- Compostable Leash Rolls Bundle (360 Poop Bags)

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These poop bags are made from plant matter such as corn, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers, making them 100% compostable through its OK Compost Home and OK Compost Commercial certifications. These bags turn into carbon dioxide and water at the end of their life cycle.


These compostable poop bags fits perfectly into leash style dispensers. Each roll contains 15 poop bags, and this bundle includes 24 rolls, for a total of 360 compostable poop bags.

  • 15 poop bags per roll, 24 rolls = 360 poop bags
  • 100% compostable in homes and commercial facilities (that accept pet waste)
  • Made for doggie bag leash dispensers
  • Made from plants and other renewable resources
  • Size: 9" wide x 13" long
  • Silky smooth feel

handle-tie-2.pngA portion of sales support the Jane Goodall Institute for their efforts in a greener, healthier, and more sustainable environment.jane.jpgTo learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute CLICK HERE

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Ok Compost Certified


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    Bags tear very easily!

    Posted by Denise Yim-Hills on Sep 6th 2021

    These bags are unusable. My husband and son told me they tear easily, and I thought maybe they were being too rough. Well, I used a bag for the first time today, and it tore so badly it was unusable. I thought maybe it was a bad roll and opened up another one. The bag tore from that roll tore too! I am so upset and disappointed. We have all these rolls of bags, but they are useless! Do not buy these bags. They should not be sold at all. OG POOPBAGS RESPONSE: Denise, as discussed after looking up your order, you purchased these bags OVER 2 YEARS ago. The print on the bags hasn't been made in years since we switched to supporting the Jane Goodall Institute with the new animal print bags. COMPOSTABLE BAGS ARE DESIGNED TO BREAK DOWN, and should be used within 12 months of buying them. You should be as proud as I was to see these OLD BAGS breaking down as they are designed to do!!! Tears, pieces, then back to being organic matter for the next generation of plants to grow from. Thank you for caring for our Earth by choosing a sustainable and compostable product!

  • 5
    Great value, good for the planet

    Posted by Stephanie on Feb 13th 2020

    I have tried a few different compostable poop bags. These are the best value for your money if you do the subscription based plan. These work just fine. Occasionally I’ll have one rip at the perforation or tear near the sides but that is to be expected w non plastic bags. I also am happy that this product is not on amazon, so I am directly supporting the business instead of amazon taking a cut. Overall, I am happy w this product and will keep ordering.