Welcome to the site that began it all, The Original PoopBags.com! Based in Chicago, PoopBags has been saving the Earth since 2003 by offering the latest innovation in biodegradable and compostable technologies. When you want the best, most reliable, and best rated dog poop bag on Earth, reach for a bag from The Original PoopBags.com.


saleThe new USDA Biobased PoopBag fire hydrant-shaped dispenser has been a HUGE hit all around.  Our dispenser is made with a minimum of 38% of renewable resources such as corn, plant matter, etc.  As the technology increases, we’ll increase the level of plant matter, but right now we’re using 38% less plastic.  What is your dispenser made out of?  If you’re in the market to replace your dispenser, now is the time.  For the next 48 hours, The Original PoopBags is going to include a complementary PoopBags dispenser with ALL rolled bag orders.  That’s right, no matter if you order a 6-month or annual supply of rolled bags, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you’re sporting one of these on your leash.  Click here to order now!