You Buy; We Donate® Jane Goodall Institute Compostable 4 Roll (60 count)

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These poop bags are made from plant matter such as corn, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers, making them 100% compostable through its OK compost certification. A portion of sales goes to the Jane Goodall Institute in order to support their efforts in a greener, healthier, and more sustainable environment. The 4 roll pack of compostable poop bags fits perfectly into doggie bag leash dispensers. Each roll contains 15 poop bags, giving you a total of 60 poop bags!


  • 4 rolls of 15 poop bags
  • 100% compostable in homes and commercial facilities
  • Made for doggie bag leash dispenesers
  • Made from plants and other renewable resources
  • Size at 9" wide x 13" long
  • Silky smooth feel


You Buy; We Donate® Jane Goodall Institute Compostable 4Roll (60 count): $8.99 + Shipping 

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Ok Compost Certified